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The Cuckoo Stone

This neolithic stone was once used for ceremonial practices similar to its neighbor Stonehenge.
Salisbury, England

Secret Spitfires Memorial

A life-size replica of a Spitfire that sits in a quaint suburb.
Ipswich, England

The Black Stone

On the side of Christchurch Mansion is an enigmatic block of dark limestone that dates back to 14th-century Belgium.
Colchester, England

Jumbo Water Tower

The largest Victorian water tower in Britain.
Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Colonial Post Boxes

These post boxes from a bygone era have been the source of controversy and debate.
Cheltenham, England

Neptune Fountain

Believed to be inspired by the Trevi Fountain in Rome.
Reading, England

Holy Well of St. Anne

Once the site of medieval pilgrimage for its healing powers, this well was lost and later rediscovered.

Tortoises of Kusu Island

Legend holds that a tortoise turned itself into this island to save two shipwrecked sailors.

'The River Merchants'

These bronze statues depict the early days of trading in Singapore.

Marsiling Tunnels

These secretive tunnels were once the site of a Royal Air Force fuel reserve depot.
Cheltenham, England

Gordon Lamp

Unwanted and reluctant ownership, Gordon Lamp glimmers faintly and serves as a relic of the bygone Victorian era.
Basingstoke, England

Wote Street Willy

A sincere and thoughtful art installation, mistaken by many as a statue of a penis.

The Majestic Theatre

The elaborate façade of this old Cantonese opera house celebrates the building's history and the love story that founded it.
Stockbridge, England

Danebury Hillfort

One of the most studied Iron Age settlements in Europe.
Basingstoke, England

Hawker Hunter Jet

A real Hawker Hunter jet in the middle of Basingstoke.
Hong Kong

Duddell Street Lamps

The last street gas lamps in Hong Kong.
Salisbury, England

Pepperbox Hill Tower

A doorless and windowless folly in England that evokes curiosity over its mysterious origins.
Hong Kong

Stephen and Stitt

Regal guardians to one of the biggest banks in the world, symbols of Hong Kong's history and resilience.
Salisbury, England

High Street Gate

This gate served as a small lock-up jail in the 14th century.

Kim Hock Guan

The oldest bakkwa shop in Singapore is especially beloved during the Lunar New Year festivities.

Devil's Bend (Old Upper Thomson Road)

This sharp turn was once the most dangerous part of the Singapore Grand Prix circuit.
Salisbury, England

Old Sarum Castle

This modest relic, with rich history as a strategic fort through multiple eras.
Athens, Greece

Archaeological Site inside Monastiraki Metro Station

View the ancient remains of buildings and the ancient "River of Hades" before hopping on a train.
Salisbury, England

Figsbury Ring

Several Iron Age artifacts were discovered during excavations of this ancient site.