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Madrid, Spain

La Casa de las Torrijas

Kingly French toast comes soaked in milk or red wine, then drizzled in a citrus-perfumed syrup.
Madrid, Spain

Casa Labra

This taberna has been frying up crunchy salt cod since 1860.
Athens, Greece

To Steki Tou Ilia

Tear apart fatty, gently charred lamb chops with your bare hands.
Athens, Greece


Since 1969, this restaurant has served up dishes typical of Istanbul's Greek diaspora.
Athens, Greece

Kafeneio Oraia Ellas

Luminaries of all stripes have sipped strong Greek coffee at this cafe since 1839.
Athens, Greece


Savor sheep milk yogurt at the last of Athens' dairy bars.
Paris, France

Bouillon Julien

Marvel at the opulent Art Nouveau interior while dining on dirt-cheap French classics.
Paris, France

Bouillon Chartier

For more than a century, Parisians have come for affordable dishes in a grand converted train station.
Paris, France

Tang Frères

After immigrating to Paris in the 1970s, two brothers from Laos built a grocery store empire.
Paris, France

Chez Aline

Grab a life-changing ham sandwich at this former horse butchershop.
Meaux, France

La Maison du Brie de Meaux

Visit a museum dedicated to the “the king of cheeses.”
Paris, France

Au Pied de Cochon

Offal and flawless onion soup are on the menu at this restaurant that once catered to the workers of Les Halles.
Paris, France

Le Timgad

Travel back in time at a Moroccan-inspired restaurant that was the height of glamor in the 1970s.
Paris, France

Marché Dejean

Peruse produce from Senegal, Cameroon, and other West African nations at this sprawling market.
Paris, France

La Bague de Kenza

This Algerian sweet shop serves confections in an eye-popping array of hues.
Paris, France


Order a boozy baba au rhum at the oldest patisserie in Paris.
Paris, France

La Guez Mère

Head to this repurposed Renault van for fiery sausages and fries.
Paris, France

E. Dehillerin

Shop at the 200-year-old store where Julia Child stocked up on copper cookware.
Paris, France

Chez Bob de Tunis

Fully loaded, Tunisian-style sandwiches are on the menu at this unassuming hole-in-the-wall.
Lisbon, Portugal

Pastéis de Belém

Eat the ultimate iteration of Portugal's most beloved pastry.
Lisbon, Portugal

A Ginjinha

Sip cherry liqueur at a bar dating back to 1840.
Lisbon, Portugal

Quiosque de São Paulo

Step back in time at this 19th-century kiosk.
Lisbon, Portugal

As Bifanas do Afonso

Get in line for Lisbon’s most famous sandwich.
Lisbon, Portugal

Casa dos Caracóis

Feast on buckets of garlicky snails.